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Ancient Art Dying Lioness Ancient Art Goddess Isis
Dying Lioness Relief
Goddess Isis

Ancient Art Creations provides an opportunity for individuals to surround themselves with copies of Egyptian art, Mexican art, Maya art, as well as Assyrian, Austrian, prehistoric, homo sapian and primitive art. Pieces from each time period are skillfully recreated in molded stone, bronze and resin. These ancient art gifts, until now, were not available.

Edmundo, artist, master woodcarver and mold maker, is able to recreate from photographs or pictures, items needed or desired by persons, all over the world. Edmundo works personally with clients to discuss and plan their ideas to be commissioned. Previously, Edmundo was available only to a small group of collectors. Now, through world wide web, the world has an opportunity to make contact with Edmundo.

I welcome you and invite you to view selected pieces from our catalog. I am looking forward to working with you. Thank you.

Ancient Art Creations
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