Your Dream Workbook

The Tasks and Benefits of Dream Work
Listening to and making sincere attempts to form a more creative relationship to your own unconscious through dream work is no easy task.  It takes time and energy commitments of no small measure. A willingness to look into the depths of your own inner life requires courage and resolve because, we as all know, it’s the inner-relationships that make all the difference to the quality of our outer life relationships.  As your inner figures and relationships are brought to light, your outer life reflects those changes. Some dreams have been known to reveal the deepest meaning or purpose of the dreamer’s life.  But in every dream, their wit, profound depth, wisdom and humor never cease to amaze me.

The Trial Period
Due to the raw transformative power of dreams, I offer a trial period in which to review your ‘presenting’ dreams.  From these, we will be able to tell how your unconscious views such an approach, and whether dream work would at present be productive for you or not.  Your trial period is free of charge.  It will also give you the opportunity to experience how I work with dreams. An e-mail address will be necessary for all of our correspondence.

Two and Five Month Commitments to Dream Work
I'm currently offering two and five month commitments to dream work.  In either case, we will be working with the dreams that are most important and timely to your life-circumstances through correspondence, about three days a week.  Within the two month period, we will schedule three 45 minute phone consultations to review your previous three week’s dream activity.  For a five month commitment, we will schedule five one hour phone consultations to review your previous month’s dream activity.  If after the trial period you decide that you want to work on your dreams, I will send you a copy of my Dream Workbook.  It will show how to manage the information of your dreams, how to set up a file system, tips to dream, etc.  My fee for a two month commitment is $175.  For five months, my fee is $350.  The fee for two months’ work can be applied toward the following three months, if you wish to continue.

My Approaches to Dream Work
I work with dreams in one of three ways: 1) Interview Style, 2) Questions and Suggestions, and 3) Intuitive. The ‘Interview Style’ is the most lengthy and time consuming. People come to their own understanding about their dreams.  I never tell anyone what their dreams mean or why the dream has been dreamed from this perspective of dream work.  From here, we can work on a dream for weeks. Some very hard won awareness is gained by using this method.  I also usually suggest reading assignments to facilitate your own understanding of a dream.  ‘Questions and Suggestions’ is a more interactive method.  I ask questions, but I also make suggestions as to a dream’s symbolism.  This approach is very useful when archetypal themes and mythology enter into your dreams.  Finally, I use an ‘Intuitive Method’ when either someone is really stuck with their dream, or if its imagery is powerful enough or heavily steeped in archetypal symbolism--most of which is usually beyond most dreamer’s awareness or personal experience.  Something akin to a “Big Dream” also requires a more direct approach, and in a few cases I will attempt to relate the dream’s meaning to you, as far as I understand it.  In these cases, I will refer you to mythological or alchemical texts, or anything else that I feel would validate the dream’s imagery from such archetypal or historical perspectives.

The Astrology of your Dream Work
Once we have come to a consensus about the meaning or purpose of any one of your dreams, I will interpret this dream within the context of the current cycles in your horoscope.  This is the most powerful way to learn about your chart, and the transits occurring in it, because the understanding comes from your own unconscious, not from the astrologer.  This stage of your dream work is the ‘icing on the cake’ because when you understand transits from this perspective, you’ve understood them from the inside out; you’ve revealed a working, healthy and functional aspect of your own unconscious.  You’ve come to understand your own ‘inner astrology.’

If you have any questions about dream work or any dreams of your own, please call or write.  I would be glad to correspond with you.  Dream work is my love and my passion.

Free with your Dream Workbook is a 90 minute copy of "Dreams as Private Myths



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